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Escrow Checklist for Sellers

 When we successfully get your home into contract your Invesdoor® Agent will open escrow with a local Title   Company. Once that’s done, they will help you with the following:

 Escrow Requirements:

  • Provide Escrow Officer with your contact information:                                                                            Home, work, cell numbers and email.

  • Provide Escrow Officer with a Statement of Information,

      if required.

  • Providing complete and accurate account numbers,                                                                              social security numbers and addresses will help in                                                                                        avoiding delays in obtaining payoff statements and                                                                                        account information from a management company on                                                                            behalf of an association if any.

 Your Escrow Appointment:

  • Upon receipt of the buyers’ loan documents, your Escrow Officer                                                              will call you to set up an appointment for your signing.

  • All individuals named on the Grant Deed must be present at the                                                            signing. If this presents a conflict, please speak with your Escrow                                                        Officer as soon as.

  • All must present valid identification – acceptable forms include                                                                      a current Driver’s License, Passport, California Department of                                                                  Motor Vehicles Identification Card, or other California approved                                                      identification card, provided it has a photograph, description of                                                                    the person, signature of the person and an identifying number.

  • If your sales proceeds will be wired into an account, please                                                                          provide the name of the institution, routing number, and account                                                                    number.

  Contact your Invesdoor® Agent if you have any questions specific to your transactions. We’re here to help!


  "Excellence is not an act.  It's a habit."                                                                                                 

You have an entire team working to ensure your transaction is a success. Below are the best sources for particular questions:


  • Details of your purchase agreement – Real Estate Agent

  • Final amount you will net at closing – Invesdoor®

  • Escrow Instructions and payouts – Invesdoor®

  • Questions about Property Tax – Lender or Mortgage Company

          When Escrow is Closed

  •       Contact your fire insurance provider to cancel your policy ( you may need to show a copy of your Final HUD which Invesdoor has provided in your closing papers).

  • Notify utility companies

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