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There’s a huge gap that separates top producers from the average from the average Agent.  In the last four years statistics have shown that gap has been getting larger while the business mode; for most Brokers has not changed. 


While transactions have gone up significantly over the last four years, with less FSBOs than ever before, we have to ask:  How’s the Sales Agent faring in this environment?  The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), notes the following about sales agent income:



  • In 2013, the gross commission for the average sales agent was $37,200.

  • In 2014, the market went up 7 %, but agent income down 2 % to $36,500.

  • In 2015, the market went up 11 %, but REALTORS® made $29,560 (20 % less).

  • In 2016, Real Estate Professionals made $31,670 before split and expenses.

Invesdoor® is dedicated to the very highest level of professionalism and is always open to interviewing qualified Agents for a possible position with our company.  So, what qualifies an Agent to be a part of the Invesdoor® team? 

It’s not a matter of how many closed transactions you have under your belt.  It’s also not contingent upon whether you are full or part time.  What matters most is if you are a quality person, willing to embrace a new mindset and learn new techniques if necessary.  We want only those with a high level of integrity, a strong drive & desire to achieve excellence and a willingness to learn. 

At Invesdoor® we provide the needed mentorship as well as quality lead generation in order to get our Agents up to speed FAST.  We also provide skilled mentorship, which is often lacking in the typical brokerage houses.  We don’t accept failure as an option and neither should our Agents!

Why hang on to a dying model that’s consistently failing sincere Agents nationwide?  If the foregoing describes you, we urge you to contact us.

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