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So you want to buy a house? In this video series, you'll find out what you should and shouldn't do BEFORE you go shopping for your new home.

12 Weeks to Homeownership Series - Achieve Your Homeownership Goals!

1. Define Your Goals

2. Get Preapproved and Hire Invesdoor® to Represent You

3. Start House Shopping

4. Ensure all loan docs are submitted and keep touring homes

5. Have all funds available for closing costs and down payment

6. Get into contract on your dream home

7. Finish up all of the needs your lender is asking for

8. Open escrow, order appraisal, pest/home inspections

9. Communicate with lender and your Invesdoor® Realtor

10. Review inspection and appraisal reports and sign disclosures

11. Finish up docs and be ready and available to sign

12. Complete any underwriting conditions and get funded — get keys and move!

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